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Is It Okay To Dunk Now

Of course it's okay to dunk. Actually, it seems to be almost normal for Mountaineers to dunk now. There was a time when it wasn't normal for West Virginia. In fact, under Beilein it went against everything those teams were trying to do. It's been a slow transformation, but now that Huggins recruits are in place, we're starting to see more of it.

As a side note, West Virginia is home to the first dunk in women's college basketball. Thanks to Georgeann Wells and the Wall Street Journal for digging up the video. It's an older story, but one worth sharing in this light.

Linked in the Throwdown this morning, Deniz Kilicli is developing into the player we all hoped he would be. It's still a process. But if you weren't fully invested in the Pitt game last week before his dunk, you were after it. To me, it was one of those defining moments. It wasn't his first dunk, but it was the first one when it mattered. On the road against our biggest rival with the game still undecided at 44-36. Of course, the game was never this close the rest of the way. And just so history never forgets, we offer this.