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WVU vs. Pitt MAPOG: Kevin Jones

Another game and yet another double-double for WVU's do-it-all senior, Kevin Jones. KJ kind of wins this award by default on a night when the scoring was as balanced as it was for the Mountaineers. Jones led the scoring for WVU with 16 points, but Gary Browne chipped in 12, Kilicli had 14 and Truck had 15 off the bench. KJ also had 13 boards, 2 blocks and 3 assists while playing all 40 minutes of the game.

In a game where both teams struggled with turnovers in the first half, the offenses weren't exactly pretty as WVU led 26-25 at the half. WVU was able to curtail their turnovers in the second half, while forcing Pitt to continue theirs. WVU also shot 18 of 19 from the charity strip to clinch a 18 point romp in what looks to be the final major Backyard Brawl between the two schools for a while.

Here's what KJ had to say after the game:

"We took the fight to them," Jones said. "Usually we let them come to us, but we took it to them." -Times West Virginian

"This was a special opportunity for us," said WVU senior forward Kevin Jones. "We wanted to win it. They beat us at home, and we wanted to return the favor." - Daily Athenaeum

On a night when virtually the whole team deserves it, Kevin Jones is your Smoking Musket Most Awesome Player of the Game.