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Backyard Brawl Game Thread: West Virginia @ Pittsburgh

Tonight Huggs leads the men into the Peterson Events Center for the latest (last?) edition of the Backyard Brawl. Ah, the Pete, a place where WVU has only ever won once, back in 2005. Both teams enter tonight's game on the downward slope. Pitt has lost their last 2 and WVU has lost the last 5 of 6. One ray of hope for the Mountaineers is that those games have all been close and winnable, save one. A loss tonight puts WVU in the position of likely having to win out in the regular season (or do big things in the BET) to get an NCAA bid. Well, one more for the road (at least for the foreseeable future)....

Televised coverage is being provided by ESPN and ESPN3 tonight, beginning at 9 pm EST. So, sit back, relax and down your favorite beverage or 11 and join us in running commentary, random observations, snark, wit, funny pics, hopes, fears, cheers and jeers in the comments section.

And, as always...