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There's Just No Telling Who'll Show Up: Louisville Preview

I’d say I can kiss my career as a prognosticator good-bye, but that would assume I had one. I predicted a "big win" over Notre Dame. The way our offense operated against the Irish it ended up being neither big nor a win. I felt like Chris Berman (I still can’t figure out whether he takes his "Swami" act seriously or really knows that he blows at picking games).

Neurotic as I am, I thought about predicting a WVU loss in the hopes that reverse psychology would play a role and the Mountaineers would actually win. If we actually lost, I would regain my confidence that I could pick em’ right. Right?

A. Louisville is ranked #23.

WVU is unranked.

B. Louisville has won five straight.

WVU has lost four of their last five…and their only win was in OT vs. a last place Providence team.

Based on this assessment, WVU is going to lose. However…

C. Louisville shoots worse than we do – ranked 160th in the country (.438 to our .454).

D. Louisville is traveling to Morgantown and then back home to play #2 ranked Syracuse in their next game. Last time that happened was a little over two weeks ago when Cincinnati lost at the Coliseum and then went back to Ohio to get beat by the Cuse.

Based on this assessment, WVU is going to win.

Who the hell am I (or any "Swami") kidding? There’s no telling which WVU team will show up. If it’s the same one that squared off against Notre Dame, we’ll be watching another painful game. The 24th-ranked Cardinals come into Morgantown well rested, five days after an 80-59 blowout of Connecticut.

And the Mountaineers need a win something fierce. Of the six regular season games that remain, WVU has two games they "should" win: the last two against DePaul and USF. Of the other four, two teams are ranked and two have beaten us this year. So we’re going to need to have at least two good games and one great one. There’s no predicting as to whether that can happen.

Tip off is Noon and the game is on ESPN.