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Mountaineer Football Play Of 2012

What's the best play of the 2012 Mountaineer football season? Did we miss one?

Justin K. Aller

There's certainly a ton of plays to sift through to pick the best play of the 2012 Mountaineer football season. There's no doubt we'll leave a few off the list that probably are deserving. I'll just go ahead and say that I owe Karl Joseph an apology. There's a number of hard hits he delivered this year that left me impressed. However, you have to draw the line somewhere.

Along those lines, there's a lot of different reasons a play is memorable. Sometimes it's because Tavon just makes everyone looks stupid and slow on his way to the end zone. Sometimes it's a play that turns a season around. And sometimes it's a play that makes you wonder if humans are supposed to be able to do that. We've got a little bit of all of that and we'll start with the latter.

J.D. Woods one handed catch against Baylor was something every receiver wants to do. But few make it happen. And if he doesn't stick that hand out there, it's probably a pick six going the other way.


A play that probably won a game because of when it happened and how much closer the game was than what we expected was the Darwin Cook forced fumble against Maryland and Doug Rigg's scoop and score.


As far as making defenders look stupid and slow, there might not be a better play of the year than Tavon Austin's three yard touchdown run against Oklahoma. He had a ton of great plays this year, but this one stood out and was captured perfectly by the camera.


Geno Smith threw 40 touchdown passes this year and it would be hard to pick one over the 39 others. But the broken play against Marshall gave him the opportunity to do something he doesn't normally do, rush for a touchdown.


If I had to pick one catch by Stedman Bailey this year, it would be the fingertip snag against Texas. Maybe more than any play, this one stands out to me.


Lastly, Darwin Cook comes in with what may be the difference between 7-5 and 6-6 for the Mountaineers. His forced fumble against Iowa State couldn't have come at a better time and played a huge role in the Mountaineers ending the five game losing streak.