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Holiday Classic: Huggy Bear Is Coming To Town!

Plot: A mailman reveals the origin of Santa Claus. Rundown: This is a 1970 stop motion television special. It boasts a very impressive cast of actors with Fred Astaire leading the way as the Narrator and Mickey Rooney as Santa Claus. A short special running a little over 40 mins. I still admire the animation done with this as each model is carved from wood and who can forget the classic title song sung at the end. So go on take 40 minutes out of your day and watch this little gem.

Christmas came early when Bob Huggins returned to his Alma mater
Christmas came early when Bob Huggins returned to his Alma mater
John Radcliff

Thank you John Beilien for all that you did at West Virginia. When you cut Drew Schifino from your squad, I over reacted. I wondered how we were going to be any good when our best scorer in recent memory was booted off the team. I questioned your Princeton style offense saying it would never work in the Big East and I scratched my head when you continuously pulled our 7 footer at the top of the key to unleash 3 after 3 after 3.

The result was an Elite 8 run with arguably the most memorable group of Mountaineer men in Bball history. The following year we went to the sweet 16 and the year after that we just missed the NCAA tournament, but made a nice little season ending run and claimed an NIT title that sent the senior class off in style. You put WVU Basketball back on the map. You made going to the Coliseum fun again. You gave Mountaineer fans everywhere, hope that year after year we would be extremely competitive and even in the toughest of leagues we would be fighting for a post season birth.

But, your teams couldn't rebound. Your 1-3-1 defense at times created some turnovers, but it was installed to hide the fact that the better athletes were on the opposing team. And when our boys weren't shooting well from behind the arc, we got run out of the gym.

Thank you John Beilein we hold no regrets, your offenses were fun to watch, it looks like you have Michigan back in their winning ways and we'll see you December 15th in New York.

On April 5th 2007, Bob Huggins announced that he had accepted the position of head coach at his alma mater. West Virginia Fans REJOICE- "Huggy Bear is Coming to Town!"

With his larger than life personality, call it like he sees it view points, and perfectly round pot belly that even makes Kris Kringle jealous, Huggy Bear is the iconic figure that West Virginia fans adore and deserve.

Huggins doesn't hope to make the post season, he expects it. Huggins brings in top talent and while they might not stay 4 years in the program, their skills are enjoyable to watch while they're here. Huggins preaches Defense and high percentage shots. If you do neither don't even think you're getting on the court. If you do both, you'll have his respect. If you screw up, he'll yell. If you don't play to your abilities, he'll push you. If you don't play 100%, he'll run you till you're at 0%. Huggins will make you a better basketball player, it's not for the weak of heart, but for everyone that learned under him, will tell you it's worth it.

Huggins and his 700+ wins are here in Morgantown. He campaigned for a newly developed state of the art training facility and his wish came true. He has made WVU a destination for top basketball talent around the country to put on the Gold and Blue and (Black). The man has several goals for this great University and basketball program, but they all contribute to the top of his list... To Bring a National Championship to West Virginia.

We have it good guys. Other teams "Better watch out. They may as well cry. I'm sure they'll pout. I'm telling you why...Huggy Bear is Comin' to Town!"