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WVU Beats Marshall 69-59, Loses Four Players To Ejections

Melee breaks out near the end of the game. Here's my best attempt to recap what happened.

Andy Lyons

West Virginia was able to withstand four ejections while pulling away in the second half and downed the Herd 69-59.

I wasn't able to see what happened, but based on updates I received through the evening, when WVU was up in the second half and pulling away, Juwan Staten was kicked in the family jewels and a bit of a melee broke out. Murray, Hinds, Henderson and Harris were subsequently ejected for leaving the bench, even though no punches were thrown.

MSN's Tony Caridi originally reported that the status of the four players ejected would be an automatic suspension for one game, which in this case would be Saturday's contest with Virginia Tech at the Coliseum. However, in his post-game comments, he recanted a bit and said that because no punches were thrown, the suspension may not occur and they were trying to clarify the rules.

As I'm writing of this, John Antonik just tweeted that Huggs said all four players should be available to play Saturday.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the televised coverage of this event?