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Smoking Musket Holiday Classics: West Virginia Style

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go."

Get ready fans whether you like it or not it's Holiday Season!
Get ready fans whether you like it or not it's Holiday Season!
Alex Livesey

It's that time of the year again! It's the time when children try to behave the next few weeks in hopes to overcome a years worth of brattiness. The time when college students get some time off of classes to catch up with friends and the local bar scene. When parents max out their credit cards. When husbands ask their wives, "Why in the world are we going to the ridiculously crowded mall on a Saturday when there is perfectly good football on the TV?" The time of year when people wish for snow, but hate shoveling their driveway. That time of year when the only excuse they have for a no Playoff system is because student athletes need adequate time to study for their finals. The time when sweater season can hide those few extra pound you're packing on and I still have no clue what figgy pudding tastes like. It's the holiday season!

With Christmas a few weeks away what better way to end a hectic day than to grab some hot chocolate, bust out the fire place and watch some holiday classics that have brought young and old years of entertainment. This year, we here at the Musket will be recommending some holiday films with a Mountaineer twist up until Christmas Eve. I encourage you to follow along and feel free to share any holiday or Mountaineer traditions along the way.

So kickback grab your drink of choice and embrace the most wonderful time of the year.