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TSM Coaching Approval Meter: Post-Syracuse, Final Ballot Of 2012

Weigh in on your opinion of Coach Holgorsen and his coaching staff. Participation poll included.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After a season of streaks, it was almost fitting that another one was extended with WVU's third straight loss to Syracuse. Not expecting this one to be pretty.

  • One bright spot of defense was stopping run in 2012, couldn't do that in Bowl
  • Passing game struggled in weather
  • Almost a dozen penalties
  • We blocked our own kick
  • Stedman was the lone bright spot, hauling in 7 for 126 and 2 TDs

Last Poll:
84% approval with 237 votes cast

2012 Total Statistics:
76% approval
3153 positive votes
1023 negative votes
4176 votes cast

Here's how this poll works:

Do you approve of the job that the coaching staff is doing? Yes or No. No hedging, no gray areas, nothing in between. It's up to you to use your own criteria. Are you judging the staff by the weekly team performance? Are you looking at the program as a whole? Do you take into consideration recruiting? Are you looking at national attention (good or bad)? As always, please explain your vote in the comments section.