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Under The Headset With Doug Marrone

Listen in as Doug Marrone expresses his apathy for cold weather bowls and Greg Robinson. While Dana Holgorsen has a Sports Center moment. All leading up to the Pinstripe Bowl.

Andy Lyons

Scene: Pregame for the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium

Happy_marone_medium Looks like snow. Humph, imagine that. Does anyone know if the ACC has a bowl tie-in with any of these northern bowls? I need me some Jimmy Buffett and fancy drinks with little umbrellas and even smaller bikinis. Ya know?

Doc2_medium I don't believe so, coach. All southern bowls. It's supposed to be about the game, though. Are you sure your head is in the right place?

Happy_marone_medium Don't worry, football is the only thing that can warm you on a crappy day like this. Unless you got that flask with you.

Doc2_medium After the game, coach. What I really want to know...

Gerg5_medium Doobie doo. I got a lot of want to.

Happy_marone_medium Oh god, it's Robinson. Tremendous.

Gerg5_medium Hey y'all, I'm back...back in the New York Groove.

Doc2_medium I'll never live this one down, will I?

Gerg5_medium Live what down?

Doc2_medium The day I mixed Xanax and tequila. You may remember it as the day you became the head football coach at Syracuse.

Gerg5_medium ...

Dana1_medium Don't beat yourself up, Doc. It's not like you replaced Bobby Petrino with John L. Smith. Don't get me wrong, that was bad. But it wasn't slap yourself in the face bad. Ya know?

Gerg2_medium Hey!

Happy_marone_medium Shut up Greg, you had your chance. And Doc, you might wanna beat yourself up a little over that.

Dana1_medium Hehe!

Happy_marone_medium That's right Holgorsen, rub it in. He'll sic Otto on you.

Dana1_medium So?

Doc2_medium So!?

Dana1_medium Yeah, so?

Happy_marone_medium You've done it now.

Dana1_medium What? It's not like it's casino security backed up by state troopers. It's a freaking mascot. Not even a scary one at that.

Docotto_medium Oh, you wanna call down the thunder? It's on!



Da da da. Da da da.