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2013 WVU Calendar Special Offer

Here's another special offer we'd like to pass along to you, our loyal readers.

The nice folks over at Asgard Press have reached out to us to offer our readers a discount on their 2013 calendars featuring vintage covers from Mountaineer football programs of the past.


In addition to being a great looking calendar, each image is easily removable and becomes a great picture suitable for framing (11x14). Here's the back cover and and a sample shot from inside:



If you'd like to purchase a Vintage West Virginia -- or any Asgard Press calendars at a 10% discount, you can do it two ways:

1. Go to, and use the promo code "smokingmusket12"
2. Just click on this link:

(A heads-up, the site doesn't calculate the 10% discount until the very end, so don't worry when you don't see the discount when you put the calendar in your shopping cart.)

This offer is good now until February 1, 2013.