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Holiday Classic: It's A Wonderful Life

Plot: a business man with the help of an angel, gets a chance to see what life would have looked like if he never existed. Rundown: It's my favorite Christmas movie, cliche? yes. The obvious choice? yes. But I still enjoy it every year. It stands the test of time because it doesn't rely on special effects or big budget hoopla, just Jimmy Stewart and a camera.

John Radcliff


I am a West Virgina fan. Sometimes I have that Jimmy Stewart moment when I wonder why do I cheer for a school that year after year gives me heartache and pain. I embrace this moment, I let it come in and then I think of how good we have it.

We have a football and basketball program that are constantly relevant. 3 BCS wins and 2 elite 8 appearances in the past 10 years. We have a Hall of Fame basketball coach. We have a young bright minded football coach. We have a 60,000+ cpapacity football stadium. We have a 14,000+ capacity basketball stadium. We have one of the best athletic directors in the nation.

We have the best mascot hands down. We have the best college logo hands down. We have the Pride of West Virginia. We have the one of the best songs ever written as our adapted anthem. We have the NBA logo for Christmas sakes.

We are the big show in this state. Our tailgating is fantastic. Our state is beautiful. We have a wonderful campus with both historic and state of the art buildings. We have a great university with a melting pot of students. We have academic excellence and a night life that is the envy of colleges everywhere.

We are a college town. We are not a college in a city. We as a university and athletic department continue to grow and be innovative. There is so much more. I've had so many great memories as a student. I continue to have so many great memories as an alum and I look forward to what is in store for West Virgina Athletics. The people I've meet, the games I've attended, the wins we've witnessed. It truly is a Wonderful Life.

To go out strong I'll end with a quote that resonates with West Virgina fans everywhere.

And so as Tony Caridi observed... "God bless us everyo.....errh wrong quote, It's a Great Day to Be a Mountaineer Wherever you May Be!!" there it is.

Hope you all have a Happy Holidays from everyone at the Musket.