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The Second Annual Smoking Musket Year End By-Godder Awards

Welcome to the second annual Smoking Musket Year End By-Godder Awards, where we celebrate those who achieved glory (and some dubiousness) on and off the field/court in 2012.

Hell yeah, we got Bar to hand these out
Hell yeah, we got Bar to hand these out
Matthew Lewis
Best Name for a new rivalry trophy:

Riot Bowl


Vince McMahon/Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart Screw Job of the Year:

KJ not getting Big East POY despite leading the league in scoring AND rebounding (runner up - Stedman Bailey for the Biletnikoff Award)


Photo Credit - Jim McIsaac, USA Today Sports Images

Dana Holgorsen "That sucks, man" Schadenfreude/Goody's Headache Powder Award:

Marshall's Cortez Carter


Dana Holgorsen "That sucks, man" Schadenfreude Award, part II:

Pitt loses to FCS Youngstown State and VT then loses to Pitt

Super Glue Best Hands Award:

J.D. Woods vs. Baylor (runner up - J.D. Woods vs Kansas)

Meuller Athletic Tape Lifetime Achievement Award for Ankle Breakage:

Tavon vs Oklahoma

Benny Hill Yakety Sax Award:

Tavon's tortured celebrations

Thanks to Mike Casazza for the video and John Radcliff for the soundtrack edit

James Cameron's Titanic Award for longest drawn out saga that we already know the ending of:

The Big East (ACC is on the clock)


EA Sports NCAA '13 Award for most realistic simulation of a video game:

Baylor/WVU (runners up WVU/Marshall & WVU/Clemson)

Where's Waldo Award:

WVU 2012 defense (runner up - WVU's lost offense against TT, KSU & partially TCU)

Lighthouse Beacon of Hope Award for most promising young player:

Karl Joseph


Thanks to Holgasm! for the image

Leon Lett Award for Special Teams gaffes:

WVU in the Oklahoma State game

Deliverance Award for played out stereotypes AND Weird Al Yankovic Award for best satire song:

K-State Mask on WVU

Kim Kardashian Award for shortest failed marriage:

Pitt and Todd Graham

Free Mason Award for brick laying:

WVU men's basketball so far in 2012

Vincent Pastore Big P@$$y Award:

Syracuse for not putting up Schwartzwalder Trophy in the Pinstripe Bowl


Photo Credit: Jason Kempin, USA Today Sports Images

Best Stripes Since Bill Murray Award:

WVU fans, Baylor game


John Denver Memorial Award for best post game celebration:

Baylor postgame