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Big East Set For Implosion: THANK YOU OLIVER LUCK AND THE BIG 12!!!

Ollie got us out, but he received a strange note last night under his office door.

With the seven Catholic basketball schools seemingly prepared to set the final charges on the implosion of the Big East conference, we WVU fans, students, alumni, administration, etc, all owe Oliver Luck (and President Clements, for that matter) another round of gratitude for getting us the hell out of there.

We also need to thank the Big 12 and the other member institutions for welcoming us and giving us a life-line when things were looking very bleak last fall. It's so much nicer to be able to sit around these latest rounds of conference alignment and not have to worry about the future of West Virginia University athletics for at least a decade.

That said, the question of how legally binding the exit fee was (WVU has already paid in full, unfortunately), especially if/when there's no entity to suffer damages. It's also kind of fishy that WVU received this crumpled note placed under the door of Oliver Luck's office last night: