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Holiday Classic: Miracle on Grant Street, Errr...Avenue!

Plot:When a nice old man who claims to be Santa Claus is institutionalized as insane, a young lawyer decides to defend him by arguing in court that he is the real thing. Rundown:A Christmas classic dating back from 1947. They also did a remake in 1994. The remake is pretty good, but stick with the original. A timeless story that proves that the human spirit concurs all and that even in the darkest hour miracles happen to those who believe.


When the final seconds tick down to zero and West Virginia is finally a National Champion in football or basketball the most rowdy street in the world at that exact moment and time will be a small avenue in the heart of Morgantown, WV, known simply as Grant Avenue. Known to students as the party block, known to administrators as a safety hazard Grant Avenue hosts some of the wildest parties in WVU history. Notorious for it's collegesque feel and party time reputation Grant Avenue doesn't try to be something it's not. Its not a visitor destination and I wouldn't recommended walking down the street in my bare feet, but when WVU wins that title, when they do...look out.

I do not condone any of the following inappropriate celebration behavior, but here is how I see it going down. Leading up to the championship game it will be recommended that you take your car out of the city limits. Pittsburgh might be a safe distance, but I would recommend further. As the clock ticks zero and the fat lady sings, students will rush the streets of Morgantown. Couches will hide for cover, street lamps will beg for mercy, alcohol will be purchased like prohibition just ended. Students will cheer, students will chant and students will sing. The party will go all night. The town will be electric, strangers will high-five, students will randomly hug one another and the spirit of a school will be lifted for one special night. This day will come. All these years of suffering from disappointment and heartache will end.

College is a time of growth and memories. Grant Avenue proved to serve a little of both from my collegiate experience. I remember the first party I ever attended on Grant Ave. I was a young freshman and I was far from the hometown that I grew up in. I wanted my tenure at college to be about experiences. As I strolled into the packed house with all the unfamiliar faces and the excessively loud rap music blaring from within, I wondered how receptive the collective group of strangers would be to unknown students.. I couldn't have been treated more welcome. While I don't remember what my record at beer-pong was that night, or how many keg stands I attempted to perform, or what any conversation was about post midnight, I will always remember the look of the house as I walked onto the porch fairly uncertain. I will always remember the smell of the beer and jungle juice as it hit me like a freight truck as soon as I got inside the family room. I will remember the girl in the blue dress, who immediately stole my heart, and I'll remember how a group of students from all over the country were somehow tied together in this crazy time that we call college.

Grant Ave created endless memories for me as I grew as a student and person. I think from the outside looking in it is considered a dump, and yes, I agree, the vandalism, littering, and reckless behavior from few need to stop or it will be ruined for future classes. But, for me, I will always take away how friendly and receptive students were to each other in hopes to have a good time that night. Grant Ave. can still be a great destination for parties, game-watches, and post WVU celebrations. It just has to be done the right way, and that falls on the current students and future classes.

Regardless of where you live; in every state, in every town, there are streets that look familiar. Years go by and nothing eventful ever happens on these roads. But one day there will be a special team, with special players who perform the unexpected. And when that day comes there will be a Miracle on Grant Avenue...we just have to believe.