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Under The Headset With T Boone Pickens: A Conversation Between The OSU Coach And Benefactor

The Billionaire cuts in on the Oklahoma State coaches pregame conversation.

Christian Petersen

Pregame of the West Virginia-Oklahoma State game. Mike Gundy is watching his team go through warmups while he finalizes his game plan with his assistants.

1352412202_medium Okay guys, I like the plan. The team looks sharp and focused. I think we're ready for a...

Boone2_medium Hello Mike? Is that you? It's just crazy what you can listen in on when you're rich as hell.

1352412202_mediumMr. Pickens?

Boone2_mediumCall me T, son. Don't grovel like that Miles guy used to.

1352412202_mediumYes sir, Mr. T. I don't mean to be rude, but we got a game to play. Is there something I can help you with?

Boone2_mediumYou help me? No, son. I'm here to help you. You see, I know your friend Dana is in town and I thought I would remind you of the last time he was here and how bad things almost turned out.

1352412202_mediumBut Mr. T, it wasn't that bad.

Boone2_mediumDo you see a Mohawk on my head? Enough gold chains to sink the Titanic? The name is T! Just zip it and listen.

Mikes_wife_medium Honey, just listen to him.

Gundy2_medium Kristen?


Boone2_mediumBack to what I was saying. Mike, you and Dana are like red wine and tequila. Great on your own, but you just don't mix well.

Mikes_wife_mediumMike, remember you promised Motorboat Mike wasn't coming out anymore except with me.

Gundy2_medium Honey...shhhhh!

Boone1_medium Motorboat? Yeah, that pretty much describes it.


Boone1_medium...Yeah....Look Mike, maybe you SHOULD call me Mr. Pickens.

Gundy2_mediumYes sir, Mr. Pickens.

Dana_holgorsen_geno_smith_dance_medium Hey Mike! Hey bud. Me and Geno are hitting the town after the game tonight. Wanna come along?

Mikes_wife_mediumMIKE! NOOOOOOOOOOO!