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West Virginia Mountaineers: United We Stand

The 2012 Presidential Election is over. As we move forward in this great country it seems our nation is still divided. It's going to take some time and improvements for our leader to gain the support from the people he did not win over at the voting booths. I truly hope he does because I hate to see a nation of people with the same goals and aspirations for this great land to be so torn about the promise of our future.


While it pales in comparison, I can't help but feel that we as Mountaineers have some doubters of the leadership of our football program. While we didn't freely elect our head coach onto the throne of Touchdown City, to say we don't have a voice is completely false. We the people fill the stands at Mountaineer Field. We the fans travel at great lengths to watch our teams on the road. We care about our sports more than most, and we question our staff when things don't go as planned. Whether you are behind the the staff or not I ask that you stand behind the players. The student athletes that chose to come to the great state of West Virgina and represent our university, our state, our nation..Mountaineer Nation.

These kids want to win just as much as we do and it is killing them that they aren't getting it done. When things were good it was easy to be a fan. Its easy to sport your flying WV when you start out 5-0 in a top conference. Now, adversity has hit our nation and it has hit hard. This team needs us. They need us now more than most. They need to see that we have not given up on them. We will pull through this, we always have and we always will. We as fans will stand by this team and when we win again it will be that much sweeter. Embracing a motto of "Keep Climbing" we are not going to pack it in.

We've shown the country what type of fans we are. We've showed Connecticut how compassionate we can be when tragedy hits their football family. We've shown everyone how we support our own with a "White out". We showed Baylor what a true celebration of the game looks like with the singing of Country Roads and we're showing the rest of the Big 12 that the only stereotypes true of West Virginia are our love of our community and our hospitality to welcomed visitors.

This season can turn around and all it takes is a single play. A sack, a turnover, a first down or anything that proves to this team that they can still play football with the best of them. I have no clue how the rest of this season will play out, but I will support the team because Mountaineer Nation are winners and we support our own in times of need.

The election is over. The future is unknown. You have a voice. In politics whether you supported Red or Blue can we all agree that we support the Gold and Blue.