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Week 10 BlogPoll Rough Draft

The top four stay unbeaten but shuffled around after this weekends results.

This is the rough draft ballot. Add your comments to help us make a better ballot.

1. Alabama - No real question here after that final drive. But you have to admit that Saban had the pants scared off of him there for a bit.


2. Kansas State - Rolling along, but how bad is Klein hurt?

3. Oregon - Unstoppable on offense, but the defense looked pretty suspect or at least in prevent mode for most of the game.

4. Notre Dame - Luckiest team in the world and they're good on top of that. Normally, I would beat a top team up for this type of close call against an inferior opponent. But the Irish have made a habit of this type of win. I firmly believe it will catch up with them at some point this season. Maybe in the title game. But it will happen.

5. LSU - I have a really hard time moving them down after that performance. The only thing that kept them from winning was some questionable decisions by their coach.

6. Georgia - Slow start against Ole Miss, but they pulled it together and ran away from the Rebels. Turns out, it wasn't a trap at all.



7. Florida State - bye week.

8. Florida - Unimpressive win, but a win after a heartbreaking loss to Georgia the week before.

9. Louisville - 9-0 for the first time in school history. Maybe Bridgewater gets some Heisman hype now.

10. Clemson - Duke coming back to Earth and Clemson was there to show them the way.

11. South Carolina - bye week.

12. Oregon State - Slow start, strong finish on the way to the In-n-Out.

13. Texas A&M - So much for Mississippi State. Yikes, this team is just a couple close games away from being very very good.

14. Oklahoma - Commendable that they didn't have a big let down after the Notre Dame loss.

15. Louisiana Tech - One loss to a good Texas A&M team. I think I've undervalued them this year.

Lightning round

16. Stanford

17. Ohio State

18. Texas

19. UCLA

20. USC

21. TCU

22. Texas Tech

23. Ohio

24. Rutgers

25. Northwestern