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Mission Impossible: Weis ProtocoLOL

Charlie Weis goes on a secret mission to spy on Dana Holgorsen

Because this picture is too good not to use.
Because this picture is too good not to use.
John Radcliff

Scene: Office of Kansas Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger.

Zenger_desk_medium Charlie, come on in and shut the door.

Charlie-weis-smells-food_medium You wanted to see me Mr. Zenger?

Zenger_desk_medium Yeah Charlie, I've got a mission for you.

Charlie-weis-smells-food_medium Oh goodie! I love Mission! I like the Enchiladas the best.

Zenger_medium You....What? I'm not talking about food. I'm talking about sending you on a mission to spy on Dana Holgorsen.

Charlie-weis-smells-food_medium Sounds fun. Hey boss, how do you do that thing with your teeth?

Zenger_medium Teeth?

Charlie-weis-smells-food_medium You know, that thing where your teeth stick out like a smile, but not.

Zenger_finger_desk_medium Well, I just dry this finger off and rub it across my top teeth so my lip sticks to the top of my teeth.

Charlie-weis-smells-food_medium Wow, I never would have thought to do that.

Zenger_desk_medium Look Charlie let's try to stay focused on the mission at hand and not on my teeth.

Charlie-weis-smells-food_medium Right! You want me to sneak up on him and give him the El Nino?

Zenger_desk_medium El Nino?


Zenger_desk_medium No! I don't even know what good that would do. I want you to study the man. Find his weaknesses and use them to exploit his team on Saturday.

Charlie-weis-smells-food_medium Right boss.

Zenger_desk_medium And Charlie, don't let him see you. If he see's you, he will make you pay.

Charlie-weis-smells-food_medium Sure thing Mr. Z!

Later that day at a Morgantown restaurant...