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TCU 39 - WVU 38: The Pain Continues.

The Mountaineers may not be able to recover from this 2OT loss.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words.
A picture is worth a 1,000 words.
Justin K. Aller

This WVU loss that will hurt for a while because for almost four quarters our defense managed to keep TCU from throwing at our cornerbacks. Three defensive series later and I cannot believe that the most I’m now hoping for from this season is bowl eligibility. It was WVU's 3rd loss in a row for the first time since the 2004 season .

After Pitt's own overtime choke at Notre Dame, maybe we can arrange a post-season backyard brawl between two 7-5 or 6-6 teams?

Here are my TCU game HIGHS and LOWS:



Tavon Austin. The only receiver with double digit catches. Two highlight reel plays for touchdown. It's just sad that he doesn't walk away from this one a victor's hero.

Our defense for 3 ¾ of the game. Our much-maligned defense started with a bang (and got a standing ovation that followed) and then got a bunch of other stops. That was an impressive transformation from the previous seven games. And hello Pass Rush, where have you been all year? Good to see you again.

JD Wood’s 1st half TD Catch. It may have been the moment that helped our team start the process of defrosting. Not that we’ve un-thawed yet, but if we’re lucky we’re on the way.

Alston’s return. On a 4th and 1 at the goal line, I’ve never been happier to see him. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see him much because that leg is still bothering him.


Special Teams Miscues. Four missed FGs (one blocked). Bad long snap exchange/fumble on a punt that goes for a TD recovery. That’s a 19-point swing, ladies and gentlemen.

Geno’s struggles. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It’s a sad sight to watch a guy who is has lost his lost his MOJO. Throwing into double coverage. Telegraphing passes. Late decisions that almost get picked but certainly get knocked down. Geno is inside his head in a bad way.

Our receiving corps. Stedman Bailey has been like a ghost lately (only 3 catches today). As a result, we’ve started throwing it to underclassmen who are dropping passes (TSM doesn’t allow me to mention player names – but if young receivers don’t COPE with the pressure it will LAND them on the bench).

"Slow to Adjust" Play Calling – Holgorsen & Co. have been unable to find a quick solution to the soft coverage defenses that the Big 12 teams are now giving us. I understand needing a quarter or two to figure out what the defense is doing and then adjust. I just don’t understand it taking multiple games.

Offensive line, sort of. They have not been the stonewall they were earlier this season and this contributes to the offensive woes. However, when the coaches blame your offensive line for not blocking on the same running play that we’ve just run multiple times…well, that's just stubbornness on the part of our coaches.



    Erin Andrews. She has definitely put FOX Sports College football in the news. Perhaps for all the wrong reasons. However, they did downgrade her FEMA color warning from RED LEATHER PANTS to Conservative Tan Skirt. My active memory about her week-to-week wardrobe makes me feel like a creepy, middle-aged man.


    Petros Papadakis. P.P. is Fox Sport’s enthusiasm counter-balance to Erin Andrews. Fox has decided to go a different direction from other networks with regards to sideline reporters. Instead of a hot chick that adds little to the televised coverage, they’ve decided to use graveling sounding ugly guys who add little to the televised coverage. Good luck with that. Bad enough that I have to hear him on L.A. sports radio - now when I watch my Mountaineers on the east coast I have to see him, too.

    The ugly ass, bad-luck, "grey" pants & helmets. I’m superstitious and a traditionalist by nature: HOME = OLD GOLD & BLUE. Trash the militia look.

    The "B.S." refrain that Big 12 teams don’t have good defenses. They seem to be playing pretty damn well against WVU.