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WVU Students: Last Call At Mountaineer Field

Well guys, its been a wild ride. What a season it has been. We were ranked #5 in the nation heading into Lubbock with BCS Championship and our first Heisman winner on our mind. Fast forward five games later and we were heading into Ames fighting for our lives to be bowl eligible. With 1 regular season game left the West Virginia Mountaineers take the field against Kansas this Saturday at 2:30 ET at Milan Puskar Stadium. I only have one question for you.. "Who's coming with me?"

Justin K. Aller

This is it. The last chance to see your 2012 Mountaineer Football team at home. Yes, we still do have a bowl game with a destination TBD, but if I can't convince you to walk 1/2 mile from Towers or take a 5 minute PRT ride from downtown then I doubt I will have much luck convincing you to see the team travel half way across the country. This is your last chance to see one of the most explosive offensives in WVU history. This is your chance to see Geno, Stedman, and Tavon do their thing one more time. This is your chance to support the seniors that have paved the way for every class moving forward into new chartered territory that is Big 12 football. This class faced a challenge unlike any other class before them. Each week they went up against an unknown team and venue in the Big 12 and did so with much heart and determination. Sure, not every result was desired, but this is a class that will be remembered and analyzed for years to come of what it takes to win and be successful in the Big 12. They didn't know this when they signed their letters of intent back when they were seniors in high school, but they accepted the challenge like men and never gave up.

We are in the Big 12 ladies and gents. With 1 game left, let's show everyone that we have Big 12 worthy fans. I understand that during the OU game freshman dorms were shut down. I understand that it is a much needed break to spend as much time with family and friends as possible, but was every single student who stayed in Morgantown that night at that game? I'm assuming the answer is no.

The Baylor game was great; Incredible atmosphere, packed student section and a fantastic way to celebrate a Mountaineer victory. Why can't we create that every home game? Because we lost a few games? Because we are not going to have a Heisman winner? I have a sad news flash for you guys; we have never won a National Championship in football and we have never had a Heisman winner. But we can always, and I repeat, always have the best home field advantage in the nation and it all depends on you.

I shouldn't even have to convince you to come out and cheer on your team, but as of midnight Wednesday night there are still student tickets to grab up. Its football guys, its not a boring lecture on some subject you're wondering why you have to take in the first place. It's a time to have fun with 60,000 of your friends. It's a time to let loose, get your drink on, be loud, meet new friends, welcome visitor foes and watch some Big 12 football.

I honesty don't know why you wouldn't want to go to the game, if you at all are able to make it. But here might be a few reason's of why you are still on the fence and my answer to these doubts:

"It's cold out, and I have to be outside all day."

You do realize you live in Morgantown right? It does get colder in the later months. Wear a jacket, gloves, winter hat and bring a flask.

"I don't have a ticket."

You can claim a student ticket HERE. As of Wednesday night there are still some left.

"My girlfriend doesn't want to go."

*sigh Tell her if she goes to the game you'll see the newest Channing Tatum movie with her as a trade off. Who knows you might get lucky and he'll be in an action flick or comedy ala 21 Jump Street.

"My Boyfriend doesn't want to go."

Dump him. Dump him good and quick.

"I don't have anyone to go with."

This is a great time to make new friends, most people tailgating are extremely open to new visitors and friends. It might be a little out of your comfort zone but just walk around and strike up a convo with a friendly crowd, they'll most likely offer you a beverage or food. In the game it doesn't matter, you are sitting with friends and fans alike, high-five, first-down chant, jingle keys, and yell like mad and you will fit right in.

"They are not good enough for me to support them"

You don't deserve to see Tavon Austin play, but you should come anyways because it will be the last time you can see him for free.

"It's only Kansas."

I don't want to hear a peep out of you the rest of the off season then, because you damn well know come March you are going to be craving college football and the season opener isn't until August 31st. But then again we only play William and Mary so you probably won't want to go to that one either. It's not who we play, its supporting our team. It's a culture and there are only about 6 games a year to see your team play. It's only "insert underdog" is what makes college football so great. If you take them lightly you don't win the game.

"I just want to tailgate the whole time"

There is beer and football inside the stadium. Tailgate, go in the stadium, Watch the game, have a few beers and you can tailgate and party the rest of the night. 2:30 is an excellent time slot for the party crowd.

"I don't like football"

Watch a game, see if it sticks, you'll thank me and hate me for being the newest WV football fan.

Any other doubts? No? good, great. Last call this season is at Milan Puskar Stadium 2:30pm. I'll see you at the gates.