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Happy Thanksgiving From The Smoking Musket: Time To Give Thanks

It's that time of year when many of us reflect on things we're thankful for. Here's a short list that we at the Musket are thankful for.

These are presented in no particular order although some are clearly more important than others.

Oliver Luck

When President Clements was hired to guide the University, former Athletic Director Pastilong was preparing to retire and Clements wanted needed a strong leader to guide the Mountaineers through what, even then, was an imminent uncertain time regarding conference affiliation. WVU fans openly clamored for Oliver Luck to return to his alma mater, but many had resigned themselves that it wasn't very likely at all. Thankfully, we underestimated President Clements' salesman skills. WVU now has one of the most respected and forward thinking athletics directors in the country.

Which leads us to...

The Big 12 Conference

About 13 or so months ago, WVU was mired in the Big East looking and longing for a way out of a conference that didn't suit its needs, especially in the revenue or the football respect area and was crumbling once again. Missouri and Texas A&M wanted to escape the Big 12 for varying reasons, valid or not. WVU fans would tell them they don't know how good they had it, and granted, some things they were unhappy with have changed a bit since. Even now, with another round of conference realignment underway, WVU fans can sleep at night knowing that our athletics programs are on safe ground in the Big 12.

Tavon Austin, Geno Smith and Stedman Bailey

There have been many players over the years that we have had fun watching. Many electrifying in their own right. As the games tick down on the 2012 season, let us all make a point to take in these last 2, hopefully 3, games and enjoy this current triumvirate of electrifying Mountaineers before they take their talents to the next level (although we don't know if Stedman is coming back or not).

We're Mountaineers

Yes, it's a bit cliche, but it's true. We're a unique bunch. The merits of how "die-hard" or, on the other end of the spectrum, "fickle" our fan base may, or may not be, is a debate for another time. What isn't up for debate is that when we put our minds and hearts into it, we are capable of some very cool things. Exhibit A:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

...and thanks to Couch Burner for the headline image!!