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Week 12 BlogPoll Ballot Rough Draft

Our rough draft for the week 12 ballot. Leave your comments and help us make a better ballot.

David Shaw and Jim Harbaugh are just living the dream
John radcliff

1. Notre Dame - Mike Golic is smiling like the butcher's dog.

2. Alabama - A bye week never tasted so good.

3. Texas A&M - I can see why some would disagree with me here. But I feel like they are better than anyone below them at this point in the season. We'll see if they can keep it up.

4. LSU - No words can add to this.

5. Florida State - Maybe they can take some comfort in knowing N C State almost got Clemson too.

6. Oregon - Fell victim to one of the best played games of the year by the Stanford defense...and some good shooting.


7. Georgia - The win over Florida was great, but has lost some of it's luster over the past couple weeks.

8. Kansas State - Oh man. On the list of things I can't believe happened, this is pretty high up there. No national title for a Big 12 team this year.


9. Clemson - Nearly lost to the one team in college football capable of beating or losing to any team, N C State.

10. Florida - Based solely on the defense.

11. Oklahoma - Give them credit.

12. Stanford - See above.

13. South Carolina - Wofford is much better than most people thing.

14. UCLA - Don't ever ever ever call them a dwarf.


15. Texas - bye week

The rest are offered without comment.

16. Ohio State

17. Oregon State

18. Nebraska

19. Rutgers

20. Michigan

21. Louisville

22. Oklahoma State

23. Utah State

24. Mississippi State

25. Boise State