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Week 11 BlogPoll Rough Draft Ballot

Johnny Manziel rips Nick Saban's cold black heart out. Louisville jumps out of a plane without a parachute.

John Radcliff

1. Kansas State - There's something I never thought I would type. Only because I didn't think anyone could take Alabama down. Now it's Kansas State's to lose. In my eyes, anyway.

2. Oregon - I struggle with this pick a bit because I think Notre Dame can do some things defensively to upset the timing of Oregon's offense. I don't know if it would be enough to win with their erratic offense.

3. Notre Dame - Like I said last week they only seem to do just enough to win, outside of the Oklahoma game and the Navy game. Yeah, that's all that really counts. But it makes me believe the lack of a killer instinct will catch up with them before it's all over.

4. Alabama - Didn't see this one coming. Along those lines, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.


5. LSU - Too bad Zach Mettenberger found his grove in the passing game this late in the season. I've got the Tigers ranked a little higher that most ballots. They might have been able to get in to the title game with one less loss. Fuel for next year.

6. Georgia - That loss to South Carolina really hurts. They should cruise through the rest of their schedule and could have been in the title hunt with a win in the SEC championship game.

7. Texas A&M - At least, they should be this high.

8. Florida State - A win in Blacksburg at night might not be what it used to be. But it's still up there in the more difficult things to do in college football.

9. South Carolina - Well, I just can't put Florida ahead of them right now.

10. Clemson - Same here. Florida has lost something and is struggling way too hard with teams they shouldn't.

11. Oklahoma - I like to use the blogpoll gods to my advantage sometimes. So ranking the Sooners higher than they should be will guarantee a win for the Mountaineers this week.

12. Florida - I still feel like I could move them down a couple more spots.

13. Stanford - As I've said before, if they had some outside receivers they could count on they'd be a lot tougher out.

14. Louisville - Nothing really changed for them. They aren't and never were going to the national title game and one loss isn't going to change them winning the Big East. But still...


15. Texas - Young team coming together at the end of the year. Not good news for the rest of us in the Big 12.

16. Ohio State - Bye week.

17. Louisiana Tech - How good does that loss to Texas A&M look now?

18. Oregon State - Just good, not great.

19. UCLA - Quietly 8-2.

20. USC

21. Michigan

22. Texas Tech

23. Oklahoma State

24. Rutgers

25. Nebraska