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Tommy Tuberville Happy To Be At Texas Tech

Tommy Tuberville rings the bell at Texas Tech via LSUFreek.

John Radcliff

It wasn't too long ago that Tommy Tuberville was the head coach at Auburn. We remember him for the night the Mountaineers woke up offensively against his Auburn team. And at least for one night, Jeff Mullen wasn't the worst person in the world. That feeling wouldn't last long for Mullen at West Virginia. Likewise, Tuberville wouldn't last much longer at Auburn.

After the 2008 season, with a 5–7 record highlighted by losses to Vanderbilt, West Virginia, and a final 36–0 loss to Alabama, he resigned from Auburn. Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs claimed that Tuberville voluntarily resigned. Jacobs added: "To say the least, I was a little shocked. But after three times of asking him would he change his mind, he convinced me that the best thing for him and his family and for this football program was for him to possibly take a year off and take a step back."

After taking a year off, Tuberville took the job at Texas Tech following the firing of Mike Leach. Tuberville has certainly had a solid career as a head football coach. Despite the many highs of his career, there has also been a lot of drama surrounding Tuberville. There was at least one movement to replace him with Bobby Petrino while at Auburn. He also once said, "they'll have to carry me out of here in a pine box" two days before leaving Ole Miss to take the Auburn job. In response, many Rebel fans were more than ready to build that pine box.

But things have settled down for Tuberville in Lubbock. He even got the honor of "ringing the bell." And that makes him happy. Very happy!

Texas Tech Is Saved By The Bell (via OFFSIDESwithLSUfreek)