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WVU Beats Texas 48-45 For First Big 12 Road Win

Celebration thread. The Mountaineers pull out a huge victory in front of over 101,000 fans.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Wow, what a game!!! WVU survives its first Big 12 road test and beat the Longhorns at their own game, grinding the ball out on the ground at the end for a three point victory. What can we say about Andrew Buie? The sophomore churned out 207 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground on 31 carries and chipped in another 66 yards receiving. Geno Smith didn't have his best game by a long shot, but it was still a very good one in the face of a relentless defensive front from the Longhorns. The senior's stat line was marred by two lost fumbles, but more than made up for it with four touchdowns through the air.

Quick hits

The Good:
  • Buie, Buie, Buie
  • Geno had 4 TDs through the air, 0 INTs
  • Stedman was Stedman - 3 TDs on 75 yds
  • Tavon - huge factor in the return game
  • Defense - several huge stops, especially the much maligned Pat Miller
The Bad:
  • 2 Fumbles and 5 Sacks allowed
The Ugly:
  • Partially blocked punt
  • Blocked field goal

This was a huge road win that will go a long way towards national respect, especially with a few specific detractors. This was a very talented defense from Texas, especially up front. The sacks allowed were nothing to be ashamed of. The WVU offense answered the call and honestly, so did the defense (at lease compared to last week). This was a win to remember. Up next, the Red Raiders in Lubbock.