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WVU vs. Texas: Five Keys To The Game

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What does WVU have to do in order to come away from Austin with a victory?

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1. Geno doesn't have to be the Geno we've seen so far, but pretty close

Geno doesn't have to be perfect, but at the same time, WVU can't afford any turnovers in this game. Get the ball to Tavon, Stedman and Woods in space and they will make plays. UT's linebackers have shown to be inexperienced and can be exploited. At the same time, Texas has also experienced some of the same tackling issues WVU has, especially against a Holgorsen offense.

2. WVU Offensive Line vs. UT Defensive Line

If WVU's 2011 much-maligned offensive line can keep LSU's defense off of Geno, this year's version should be able to and actually needs to do the same against this year's Texas front. NFL prospects Jackson Jeffcoat and Alex Okafor are enough to give most OL coaches nightmares, but count Coach Bedenbaugh as being excited for the challenge. Let's hope his charges are equally up to the task.

3. WVU must have some semblance of a running game

Along the same vein as in #2, WVU needs to have at least the threat of a ground game to keep some of the pressure off of Geno. WVU's runners don't have to have the game Randle did last week, but they need to at least show they can get positive yards on a regular basis.

4. WVU defense must make the routine tackles it's missed the last 2 games

This almost goes without saying. David Ash showed last week that he can make the throws. If WVU shows the same tackling acumen as last week's display, Ash can definitely burn the Mountaineers through the air.

5. WVU must make Texas get to 3rd down and get the stop on defense allowing the offense to get back onto the field

Texas is most likely going to want to slow this game down as much as possible to keep the ball out of the WVU offense's hands. The only way to combat this is to stop the running game, make the third down stops, get off the field and get the offensive playmakers back onto it.

This game poses multiple challenges for this Mountaineer team and how they handle the situations could be key for the entire season going forward. Ideally, WVU can get up by a couple of scores and try to force Texas into a game like they faced last week in Stillwater. I like our chances in a shootout, otherwise, this will be a nailbiter.