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2012 Pick 'Em Gauntlet: Week 6

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Here's our weekly pick 'em contest that runs the length of the season. Jump in if you haven't yet, it's never too late.

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Here's this week's slate of games to pick (POINT SPREADS MATTER):

  • Oklahoma @ Texas Tech (+6)
  • LSU @ Florida (+2.5)
  • Georgia @ South Carolina (even)
  • Nebraska @ Ohio St. (-3)
  • Washington @ Oregon (-24)
  • West Virginia @ Texas (-7)

This contest runs the length of the football season and the winner (we will award a Nike WVU T-shirt) is based on total picks correct over the season. So, if you missed any of the previous weeks, jump (back) in on the action this week.

Picks are due by Noon Saturday.

We had 2 go perfect last week: mtnr_n_minco & each it pitt. Well done folks!!! On the staff side, the dartboard is starting to show serious signs of failing while the noob takes the early season lead. Here are your leaderboard and staff picks:

Peanut Gallery Leaderboard

(top 11 and ties)

Entrant Total Correct
matthew.royce1 16
jimzwvu 16
Harry O'Dell 16
dubveeyou 16
krazyjoe 15
macker605 15
each it pitt
bicklefischerkane 14
mtnr_n_ minco

Here are this week's staff picks (overall correct):

SmithFire13 (19)
Oklahoma, LSU, Georgia, Ohio St., Washington, WVU

WVUIE97 (16)
Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio St., Washington, WVU

5th Year Senior (15)
Texas Tech, LSU, South Carolina, Ohio St., Oregon, WVU

Country Roads (14)
Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, Washington, WVU

Caleb Wygal (14)
Oklahoma, LSU, South Carolina, Ohio St., Washington, WVU

JP Fanshawe (13)
Oklahoma, LSU, Georgia, Nebraska, Oregon, WVU

John Radcliff (12)
Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio St., Oregon, WVU

Mountaineer Chuck (8)
Oklahoma, LSU, Georgia, Nebraska, Washington, WVU