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WVU Football: Halloween Party

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With All Hallows' Eve vastly approaching I thought it was appropriate to speculate what some of the Mountaineers would dress up as this year based off of their characteristics and on field play. While the first 2 games of Big 12 play proved to both be "Thriller" 's-Michael Jackson,the last 2 games seemed more like "Welcome to My Nightmare"-Alice Cooper. Let's have some Halloween fun this weekend, I think it's just what the WVU fan base needs.

Ethan Miller

10. Dana Holgorsen as Doctor Emmett Brown - He's got the hair cut down, just add some white hair spray, or keep up the offensive woes and he won't need any hair spray. Dana is a master of the x's and o's of college football. I'm sure his chalkboard on game execution is as comprehensive as Doc Browns is of time travel. Great Scott! Can we go back in time to the start of the Texas Tech game? No, but if any coach can figure out how, my money's on Holgorsen.

9. Andrew Buie as Mighty Mouse - The guy is 185 lbs and 5'9''. He's been asked to handle the bulk of the carries against the big boys of the Big 12 and has hit the holes running. 31 carries 207 yards and 2 TDs against the Texas front-line was his breakout game. Need more proof? Remember his block in the home opener? I bet Marshall does.

8. Joe Madsen as The Incredible Hulk - Big, strong, smart, Green. Ok maybe he's not green but he definitely is the anchor of the Offensive line. What started out as a line that has given Geno plenty of time to throw against Baylor and room to run against Texas has not played up to par since. Rumor is, this has made Joe angry. TCU wouldn't like Joe when he is angry, but we sure would.

7. Shawne Alston as the Juggernaut - Big, Strong, and impossible to stop when he gets his momentum going. The Juggernauts weakness is his vulnerability to mental attacks when his helmet is removed. It seems Shawne is vulnerable to deep thigh bruises. Get well big guy, Mountaineer Nation misses you.

6. Stedman Bailey as Spiderman - Or as one of our creative Mountaineer fans coined "The Amazing Sted-Man" Stedman has the best hands on the team and an almost spidey sense of where Geno is going to put the ball. He's also been seen helping put out couch fires after big wins, getting cats out of trees, and helping elderly women across the street.

5. J.D. Woods as Mr. Fantastic - Can anyone else explain that unbelievable catch he had against Baylor? His arms stretched about 2 feet that play.

4. Karl Joseph as The Tasmanian Devil - The kid plays hard, fast, and with a controlled sense of recklessness. The fact that he's a true freshman leads me to believe this will be one of his many greatest hits..

3. Tavon Austin as Flash - Getting 2 hands on this guy is hard enough, but defenses have to tackle him? We've been seeing him do it for 4 years now, the Big 12 is learning quickly not to kick to this guy. Don't worry we have ways to get him the ball, and when he does have it, my advice is not to blink, you might miss something.

2. Geno Smith as "V" - If you haven't seen V for Vendetta yet do yourself a favor and watch it, it's a great movie. This Nov. 5th would be my recommendation. Geno is a master of words (English Major), always composed and never looks rattled. V carves up his enemies with swords and knifes; Geno uses a football.

1. The Defensive Unit as The Invisible Man - All joking aside, there hasn't been too much to cheer about the defense this year. The Bad news: we are statically bad to really bad in a lot of categories. The good news: we don't play again until after Halloween and I'm optimistic from here on out we'll get a few less tricks and a few more treats from our Defense.

Now go out, dress up and have some safe and responsible fun this weekend!