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WVU vs. Kansas State Grades: A Unit-By-Unit Look At The Mountaineers Loss To The Wildcats

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The game wasn't much to watch and the grades are a direct reflection.

The empty seats say plenty about what happened Saturday night.
The empty seats say plenty about what happened Saturday night.
Justin K. Aller

I’m not very original, clever or funny. I’m not going to pretend that the next few paragraphs are going to present any new or fresh ideas about our teams woes over the last few weeks. These are simply my opinions. For these posts I normally just type out ideas that randomly come to mind once my ADHD wears down enough for me to sit still to write.

Right now, however, I’m having trouble formulating complete sentences. Some of you that normally read my posts may be saying, "That isn’t unusual at all." My response to that is, "Shut it, you jackwagon." The trouble I’m having is simply putting into words the atrocity that is Mountaineer football right now.

Our coaches need to be looking for answers from any source that is willing to give advice. Heck, I was hoping at last night’s debate that Obama and Romney would address our problems by offering more money to help WVU’s troubling lack of defense, but like so many other topics, the questions went unasked and ultimately unanswered.

Before I start with the grades, a little heads up, I may not be the best person to address the grades because I did not stay for the entire game. I left mid-way through the third quarter because I simply could not bare to watch my beloved Mountaineers perform below their potential. So just know that this is based on my being a bad fan and watching the end of the game on TV and not in the stadium

Overall: F

In today’s press conference Dana said the staff spent the last few days searching for what WVU does best so they can accentuate that to build player confidence. If it takes to three days to figure out what you do well, something is horribly wrong.

Up until this point, WVU’s kryptonite is ball control teams that have the ability to score. If the other team takes their time driving down the field, our offense is forced to slow the tempo down in order for our defense to get some rest. Judging from Dana’s comments today, that will no longer happen. Our offense is going to play its game regardless of what the defense does or does not do.

Offense: F

I’m still unsure about whether our offense is struggling because they are not able to call plays and run tempo or if there are legitimate problems. I guess we will find out next week.

Tavon Austin: A

While I was there he was the only player that truly attempted to get the team going. He tried on the sideline and on the field to give encouragement to both sides of the ball. He electrified the stadium and gave us a small glimmer of hope with his 100 yard kick-off return for a touchdown.

Defense: F

Joe eForest has a lot of explaining to do and is likely begging to be given another chance. Our defense is always out of position to make a play and that is poor coaching. The cornerbacks give 9-10 yards of cushion and still get beat deep. If you watch the replay all a receiver has to do is fake an inside move and our cornerback bites harder than Jessica Simpson eating a Twinkie. Our D line gets no QB pressure. Our linebackers are unable to cover a pass. It is as if we are playing two men down on defense. It is embarrassing.

Special Teams: C+ ???

We still don’t have a consistent punter that can flip field position, not that it would matter.

Game Atmosphere: I

I have to grade incomplete because I did not stay the entire time.

Before the game the crowd was rather lethargic and, I would say, scared to death our defense was as bad as we all thought. Despite our fears we got loud on K-State’s first few drives. Then reality sank in and everyone grew extremely quiet and depressed. I saw one fight break out over which person thought our defense was worse, I kid you not.

Sitting in the lower level of the press box side of the stadium I often watch the WVU bench between plays. They seemed hyped and ready to fight at the start of the game, as our guys almost did in the pre-game warm-ups. That all changed after K-State’s second score. When K-State drove the length of the field for a touchdown the sideline became deflated and it seemed that this team accepted defeat. I can’t blame them though, there were no signs of life from our defense. Sure, we held them to a field goal on the first drive, but it was obvious that K-State could abandon the run for the pass. Just have Klein drop back to pass, if he doesn’t have anyone totally open just tuck the ball and run for 15 yards. Seemed obvious to me and Bill Snyder because that is what he did.

These past two losses still hurt. I take deep breathes to ease the pain and it just makes it hurt more. That is nothing compared to the pressure and pain these players are in right now. I hope they grow up quickly and bounce back to salvage the season. I know these players are better than this and the bye week gives them enough time to fix what is wrong and prepare for TCU.

I’m not giving up hope and I will be there to root this team on when they take the field against TCU. I hope everyone else sticks with this team too.