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Things That Make Me Want To Throw My Shoe - Pre-KState Edition

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5th Year Senior has another set of things to get off of his chest, er, sole

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As the days grow shorter and the chill in the air forces me to retire my sandals until spring, my temper comes out of summer hibernation. I know this is the exact opposite pattern of most mammals, but I’m a rare breed. Part of me blames it on the dark, damp and cold weather, the realistic part of me blames it on Mountaineer sports.

During the summer, before we actually see a product on the field or court, my optimism runs wild. I day dream about celebrating with friends after WVU wins a national title. I have thought many times about how the tears of joy running down my cheeks will feel and taste. I envision them tasting like cool water from a mountain stream, either that or Natty Light, both taste like freedom to me.

After Saturday’s beat down in Cowtown, USA, my anger is out of full hibernation and ready to embarrassingly entertain the masses. I may not stomp and kick like I did as young boy, but you can ask my wife, I sure as hell pouted around the house the remainder of Saturday.

Pre-Emptive Strike Against Storming The Field

When we win Saturday I beg the students to remain in the stands. Sure, we will have just notched a win against a top 5, but does it really present the right circumstances to storm the field? Hell no. First of all, we are 3.5 point favorites. Second, we have more tradition and a better program than Kansas State. Finally, we are favored to win the game and were just ranked in the top 5. Don’t storm the field, keep your butts in the stands.

Please, Turn Your Back To The Play

Mike Cassazza, WVU writer extraordinaire, graciously posted this video that I have been looking for since I rewatched the game. Watch Pat Miller on this play. He is at the top of your screen for a majority of the video. First, he is late reacting to a receiver running past him. Then he looks to almost get on one knee as if to propose to the guy. Then he engages the guy as if he were blocking. Then he beautifully blocks KJ Dillion to allow Foster to get to the sideline. Finally, Miller just gives up and starts jogging.

Our lack of depth on defense is staggering. However, I don’t think we need to pull a Texas Tech and hit the Juco circuit for instant impact players. Next year will be a rebuilding year, so recruit well and allow them to grow into the system next year.

WVU Defense

I can’t take total credit for this, but the luckiest man on the face of the earth Keith Patterson. No he’s not the Patterson that wrote all those books, he is WVU’s co-defensive coordinator. Everyone, including myself, is throwing Joe eForest (You can’t put a D in his name because he is not putting a D on the field.) under the bus and blaming all our ills on him. While he is the face of the defense, both he and Patterson should be under the microscope for the remainder of the season. Now when the guy beside you yells at eForest during Saturday’s game make sure you tell the loud guy about Patterson, our other D coordinator.