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Mountaineers, We're Better Than This

This started out as a call to K State fans that they're better than some of the things we've seen from them this week. That all changed today.

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

First there was this "Mask" video floating around and people, including me, got a little butthurt over it, but, I let it go. Then this whole message board thing blows up earlier today. Did I find the comments degrading, insulting, inflammatory? (bad choice of words there) You bet I did, but again... I let it go. We've been trolled, people. HARD.

That site is a well known amongst other fan bases as a means to get an opponent's fan base riled up. And today, congratulations to them. It worked to perfection; probably a bit too well. Then I get on Twitter this evening to see so many people riled up and wanting revenge, retaliation, retribution...whatever. GET OVER IT!!!!!

Then, one of the jackwagons over there posted something that many people felt crossed a line. What line? No, seriously, I'm asking. What line? Even if such a line exists, what are you going to do about it? It's some internet troll, just goading you to do something stupid that will embarrass the fanbase, the University and to some extent, the entire state. Over a comment on the internet. Think about that.

The comment in question was nasty, degrading and uncalled for. At the same time it was no more nasty, degrading and uncalled for than some words, slogans, T-shirts I've seen and heard from some of the idiots in our own fan base. And yes, I think some of the ones our idiot fans have done were worse. And you know what? Ours weren't done to rile the others up, some of the ones I've witnessed were just done to be mean.

Negative reaction to this kind of trolling we were subject to this week is just what the trolls are looking for us to do. React, get violent, trash something, or worse...then the stereotypes are reinforced and even grow larger.

You really want to kill the stereotypes? Then show Kansas State and the rest of the country that we're better than this. Treat the fans that visit Saturday BETTER than the ones we treated from Baylor. You want to hurt 'em? Kill 'em with kindness and prove them all wrong.

Mountaineers, you're better than this...and if you don't believe me, go check a dictionary, the word "gullible" is missing.