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Sailing On The Dumb Dumb Couch With Chuck Landon


It's not as if we shouldn't expect some torpedoes from Chuck Landon. It is the first of the year, and there hasn't been anything worth reporting in Huntington since training camp. It's kind of like his state of the union. His crystal ball gives him all the reasons for the Mountaineers demise each year. He plays Hunter Thompson for a couple days, and voila.

As much as WVU officials, athletes and fans want to believe the Big East is in their rear view mirrors and the future is now for Big 12 membership. ...

There's a good chance it won't happen. Not in 2012 and, perhaps, not ever.

There is a good chance we could still be in the Big East next year. The Big 12 knew it and even publicly stated that the move was not contingent on West Virginia getting out of the Big East for 2012. Which Landon notes. But he goes on to say that a contingency may still exist. Sure. I mean, a conference that just lost two teams is going to publicly say one thing and then do the other. Credibility would have to be an issue at that point. Wouldn't it? After that, convincing any school to join would have to include at least a few hookers just to get in the door.

What's more likely to happen is that some politicians from Big 12 states and maybe Florida are going to start leaning on the right people and a deal will get done. It may not be one we were hoping for. But it'll get done and we'll all move along. I mean, if we're just going to throw stuff up against the wall to see what sticks...I'll take that bet.