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The LOL Board Chases A Tiger

Albeit, a tiger with the kookiest eyes we've ever seen on a mascot. Still, the Mountaineer is going to have to catch that tiger and do horrible things to it. If my animation skills were a little better, I'd make that happen. Until then, you'll just have to let your imagination do the work for you. Or Photoshop the end result.


After the jump is just plain silliness.

If you're on the message boards at all, you've probably seen this video of a Clemson fan...talking. I'm sure it's not his best work. That's okay. What follows isn't mine.

Shortly, we'll all be gathering with friends to watch the game. Damn near pulling our hair out and then drinking too much to calm our nerves. It's only natural. But before we go to that place, let's all make sure we go with a smile on our faces. To help us do that, I can think of no one better suited to assist than Richard Simmons. I don't know, it's his positive energy. It just goes so well with orange.


Hope you all have fun and enjoy the game! Let's Go!