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Snap Judgement: We Got Hosed

The video for that missed goal tending call will most likely be up by the time I finish typing this sentence. So I'll just have to add a link when it does. In what was otherwise an excellent game today, that was a real flub by the refs.

I feel sorry for the guys on the team. Because they played a hell of a game today. Truck was hitting shots after such a horrible drought. Jones was what he always is, incredible. The young guys made a lot more contributions than mistakes. I've seen past teams not able to hang close and come back in the dome. In other words, this was shaping up to be one of the top performances of the year.

Sadly, it all went down the drain on a no-call. The only good thing to take away now is the lesson that you can't put yourself in the position that you need to make the last shot to win. It's nice when you do, but when you don't, it's sucks big ones to walk away with nothing. So just for the hell of it, here's something to walk away with.