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My Dream Big 12 - Big East Scheduling Solution

I know this is a stretch. But isn't it always? I figure, if I'm going to dream big I might as well dream HUGE.

Here's how we fix the next two years of scheduling mess and at the same time enable both the BIG 12 and the BIG East to run at warp speed towards a bright future:

  • In addition to WVU, Louisville and Cincinnati will also move to the Big 12.
  • All three will play in the Big 12 and Big East for two seasons. 13 Games total each year.
  • The Big 12 immediately adds Cincinnati & Louisville, splitting the Big 12 into two divisions of six. Each year the teams play five Big 12 division games and 3 rotating non-divisional Big 12 opponents (like the SEC).
  • Because the Big 12 will assure that WVU, Cincinnati and Louisville will all be in the Big 12 East Division, they are guaranteed to play each other for the next two years. These games will count for both B12 & BE league championships, although neither conference will start a "Championship Game" until 2014.
  • For 2012-13 & 2013-14, WVU, Cinci & Louisville must fill their non-conference schedule with the five remaining teams from 2010’s Big East football conference (UConn, South Florida, Rutgers, Syracuse and Pitt) for two seasons. All three teams will play each other for two years in joint Big 12/Big East games – with revenue split evenly between the conferences.

By 2014-2015, the Big East will have a bunch of new members, the BCS as it is now may just be history (there is talk of eliminating the AQ status that was partially responsible for the predicament we’re all in now), and we will be firmly ensconced in a power conference that can and will rival any in the country.