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Make Your Own Mediation Rules

With West Virginia and the Big East ordered into non-binding mediation, hopes are certainly high that an end to our long national nightmare might be close at hand. I'm not breaking anything here, because I don't know anything about it. Mitch Vingle seems to, though. I'm thinking about what the mediation process might look like.

In reality, it's doubtful that both Luck and Marinatto would be present. More likely it's a table full of attorneys going through the motions. And that just doesn't sound fun to me. It should have the gravity and excitement that baseball wished the all-star game had.

If I'm making my own mediation process, it starts with Madison Square Garden. No time limit. Winner take all. You were born for this, Mr. Luck. Sure you have the mental advantage as well. But nothing short of a three count is going to ease the blood lust built up over this decision. Okay I'm kidding about the blood lust thing. But there are quite a few schedule makers impatiently waiting on this outcome.