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The Many Faces Of Mick Cronin

As Chuck pointed out yesterday, Mick Cronin isn't a bad coach. So give the devil his due. He's had to try to hold the program together and build it back up after the release of an iconic coach (thank you very much). The job he's doing despite the turmoil surrounding the team this year is commendable.

For most of the time he's been coach at Cincinnati, I've despised Cronin. The games have been ugly and probably caused Mr. Naismith to flinch in his grave a couple times. Cronin is extremely animated on the sidelines, which only fuels my desire to beat his team more. But in a Dr. Strangelove kind of way I'm learning to love Mick Cronin and stop worrying. Because those same child like tantrums he throws on the sideline segue nicely into the things I like to do.

Like when his lightsaber needs a little blue miracle.


When he get's a little too confident.


When he's out for a stroll with his friends.


When he feels like mixing it up.


Thanks for being you Mick