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New Year's Bowls Open Thread

Ok, so it's not exactly New Year's. But with the NFL owning Sundays, all of the traditional New Year games are being played today. Underway now is the Ticketcity Bowl with Penn State and Houston on ESPNU. Then at 1 pm we have the Gator Bowl between Ohio State and Florida on ESPN2, the Outback Bowl with Michigan State and Georgia on ABC, plus the Capital One Bowl with Nebraska and South Carolina on ESPN. When those games wind down in the afternoon, then things get cooking with the Rose Bowl between Oregon and Wisconsin at 5 pm followed by the Fiesta Bowl at 8 pm, both on ESPN.

Look who's covering all of these games...the ABC/ESPN family of networks. Anybody still want to say that they don't have their fingers in the realignment pie? Only Fox with the Cotton Bowl has any games on their slate. I never really imagined that I'd see the day when NBC and CBS didn't carry any of the major bowl games. Anyway...

So, if you're watching football while you're cleaning up all of your Christmas stuff, join us for running commentary, random observation, etc., through one of the best days on the college football calendar.