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Tiger To Watch: Dwayne Allen

He's <em>THAT</em> big, dude: Dwayne Allen 6-4, 255
He's THAT big, dude: Dwayne Allen 6-4, 255

Something the West Virginia defense has had trouble with this every year is tight ends. Most notably against Syracuse. Nick Provo had a field day with six catches for 61 yards and three touchdowns. And not once was he touched at the line of scrimmage. If you go back and look at the drive charts from that game, the Syracuse tight ends were the go to receiver every time the Orange got in a jam. Evan Landi was able to have similar success for South Florida as was Ryan Griffin for Connecticut.

The eyeball test tells you Dwayne Allen is a match up problem for any defense. But considering all the other weapons on offense for the Tigers, it's understandable how teams could lose sight of Allen. But when you have to keep a drive alive, a reliable tight end is a great advantage. That's how I would describe Allen. He's been reliable all year. He went eight games in a row this season with at least four catches. He was third on the team with 54 receptions, and turned eight of those into touchdowns. And if you didn't hate him enough already, he's funny.

"Coach Morris came down after practice and he was talking about his son, Chandler. He said his son Chandler went to the bathroom and came out, like, ‘Dad, you’ve got to come here and see this water fountain. There’s nothing like it.’ It was actually a bidet. That’s had me rolling for a couple days."

So let's get a bump on this guy off the line before he gets into the secondary. Throw off their timing. That's when interceptions and other goodies happen. If you just give him a tap or nothing at all, you might see a lot of this.