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WVU vs. Marshall: Why The F@#$ Is This Game In The Middle Of Conference Play?

Can someone other than MooU's Athletic Director give me a good reason why this is scheduled like it is? It never really occurred to me or bothered me before, until I saw where Huggs had this to say about the timing of the game every year:

"I think playing the Marshall game in the middle of the conference season is a disaster," Huggins said. "It doesn't help either team. They won last year and went out and just got drilled the next game out. It ought to be in the preseason. It should not be where it is." - Charleston Daily Mail

Huggs is right. Name any other "rivalry" or "in-state" game (that isn't already a conference game) among the major conference members that is played in the middle of conference play on a regular basis. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Here is a list of as many rivalry or in-state games among "major" players that I could come up with and the dates they were played this season:

Matchup Date(s)
Marquette/Wisconsin Dec 3
Marquette/Milwaukee Dec 22
Georgia/Georgia Tech Dec 7
Cincinnati/Xavier Dec 12
Louisville/Kentucky Dec 31
Villanova/Temple Dec 10
Villanova/Penn Dec 3
Villanova/St. Joseph's Dec 17
Florida/Florida St Dec 22
Tennessee/Memphis Nov 22 & Jan 4
Boston College/UMass Nov 21
Indiana/Butler Nov 27

Notice anything? All but one is played before the end of December and that one was still before (SEC) conference play. Hamrick uses the example of "but that's when the legislature is in session." Give me a break. You honestly think the game wouldn't sell out when they are on break? No other major conference school plays a game like this in the middle of their conference slate and WVU shouldn't have to either.