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Coming To A Theater Near You: Tom Herrion

Most Marshall coaches don't do much to impress me. They seem to be around for 2-4 years and either get fired or find a better job. Outside of Rick Huckaby and Billy Donovan, I couldn't name one in the past thirty years. But Tom Herrion will be remembered forever thanks to his Redd Foxx impersonation Saturday during the game against Central Florida.

It boggles the mind how a college coach could act like this during a game. Not that college coaches aren't a rare breed. Bob Knight and John Chaney are a couple that come to mind. But the exaggeration Herrion exhibited was way worse than any soccer flop that I've seen. Maybe that fairy tap got him in just the right spot. Or perhaps he always wanted to be an actor and he knew the camera was on him. If so, I've got the perfect role for him. Lloyd Christmas!