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Game Thread: West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Rutger Scarlet Knights

The Mountaineers are back in action today after dropping a game they should have won after having it in control Monday night. Today the Scarlet Knights visit the Coliseum fresh off a victory over Pitt this past Wednesday where they held the Panthers to 39 points. Rutgers has an impressive list of victories to their resume so far this year including Pitt (despite their woes so far this year), UConn and Florida. Of course, this is also the team that WVU blew out when they visited NJ last week. Which Rutgers team will show up today? More importantly, which WVU team will show up? The one that made Rutgers look like Rutgers, or the one that collapsed under the pressure at UConn on Monday?

Televised coverage begins at 2 pm this afternoon on MASN, SNY, ESPN Full Court and ESPN3. So, find yourself a warm, comfortable spot, grab your favorite beverage or 11 and share your running commentary, random observations, snark, wit, hopes, fears, cheers and jeers in the comments section below.

And, as always...