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Pitt Shooting Woes Revealed

The Pitt Panthers did not have a good game at home last night. They lost to Rutgers 62-39. Not quite the Orange Bowl variety blowout. But I would think this has to be more shocking than the results of the Mountaineers last football victory. I know I had to follow this link a few times to believe it myself.

Pitt was basically out everythinged last night shooting 21% from the floor and being out rebounded 51-35. The Panthers usually wait until the tournament to fall apart. But facing that inevitability, they may have just decided to just cut to the chase early this year.

We have obtained secret footage of Pitt's shootaround yesterday and can say that we are not nearly as surprised. Unfortunately our hidden camera was damaged during the brick session and may be beyond repair. Which is an assumption you may make about Pitt too, I guess. Charlie Sheen calls this winning.