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The Smoking Musket Hate Index: Volume XX

Hall of Hate
Hall of Hate


Another week, another idiot broadcaster. We replace one with another. Who should we add this week? Big East refs? Another broadcaster? National Champs who didn't win their league? We need your input for nominations!!!

Last Edition's Relegation: Sean McDonough

  • Notre Dame (9)
  • Virginia Tech (4)
  • Mark May (3)
  • ESPN (1)

This Week's Additions:

Brad Nessler - Mr. Nessler is usually on his game during a broadcast, and he generally excels at his play-by-play duties. As most of you know by now, Brad earned the ire of an entire state during the Sugar Bowl broadcast last week.


The lowest vote total gets relegated/eliminated from the big board below. Lasting 11 weeks in a row gets the entry enshrined into the Hall of Hate. It is your votes and nominations that count. Please vote and post your nominations in the comments section (if a previous nomination of yours didn't get picked up, try again). Creative and recommended nominations are more likely to be posted on the board. Make your nominations known below!!