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Blogpoll: Week One Ballot

What is this Blogpoll that you speak of? It's a collection of college football bloggers compiling their own top 25 lists each week. Those lists are then tabulated like any other poll to produce the top 25 teams for the week. Unlike the other polls, though, bloggers aren't afraid to not put Oklahoma number one just because everyone thinks they will be in the title game at the end of the year. Along those lines, there are no set rules for how you should vote. Some people, me included, vote on resume. While others drink a lot and come up with a list based on where the darts hit. It's not scientific to say the least, but it's certainly better than keeping a school ranked high just because they don't lose. Also, the Blogpoll doesn't rush to judgement to get our ballots in by midnight Saturday. So we actually have time to think it out and make it right.

The best part of the Blogpoll is that you can affect my final ballot. As the season goes on, I plan on having my rough poll up on Mondays. In the comments, leave your thoughts about why I'm right or wrong and we'll talk it out to come up with a final ballot. With that said, here's my week one ballot. Fire away.