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Lessons Of Loss With Nick Nolte

Hey Mountaineer fans. This is old Nick speaking at ya. I'm laying low in the southeast of Asia until some things work themselves out. And while I had a sober moment, I thought I'd pass some wisdom along.

Ya see, I understand about loss. I've been as high as the cover of People Magazine's Sexiest Man. And I've been left for dead at the bottom of a Dutch canal. I've dined with presidents and woke up in an alley the next day. Sometimes, the same alley. Say what you want about me, I've lived it...and I've lost it.

The trick is to keep it all in perspective. You might think to yourself that you didn't lose to Temple this weekend. Where as I would be relieved that the bodyguards for that chick I been stalking are nowhere in sight. That's two places you don't want to be when the booze runs out.

Look, you got a nice setup there in Morgantown. I would have loved to have been there for the tailgate, and then seeing what folks left half empty during the game. I love football season, just not for the same reasons. The point is, you've got to look ahead and free yourself from the past. Just like me. Another 14 months and I'll be on that plane home! It's like my pal Gary Floater once said, "I didn't give an Amsterdam until I got deported." Yeah but once you do, you just got to roll with it. A little Gary to get you through the day after the jump.

[NSFW language]

The Gary Floater Story - It's High Time This Old Cowboy Quit Getting So Goldanged High (via garyfloater)