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BlogPoll: Smoking Musket Week Five Ballot


Comments after the jump.

1. LSU- Questions?

2. Alabama- They can eat you alive with opportunistic plays. Just like LSU. I keep wanting to tell myself it's luck. But those things happen for a reason. These two teams shine above everyone else at this point.

3. Oklahoma St.-They hit a bump in the road against a good Texas A&M team, but they pulled it out. I'd love to see how that offense would do against one of the two defenses above them.

4. Oklahoma-I still think this is a really good team, but taking that week off already may have helped them against Florida St. They didn't look nearly as dominant against Missouri. Missouri does look to be a good team, though.  A little more track record would help them up a notch.

5. South Carolina- They haven't played anyone great yet, but they haven't played the sisters of the poor either. This is a situation where I would move a team up over Boise St., Nebraska, and Wisconsin. The best win of the three was Boise St. over Georgia. Collectively, the three haven't played anyone else.

6. Clemson- Taj Boyd has found a home and a favorite target, it seems. Their schedule hasn't been a beast. But the wins the last two weeks against Auburn and Florida State have been very impressive. I have no idea if they will be able to keep it up, but they seem like a very likely candidate to win the ACC at this point.

13. Georgia Tech- After watching them against a quality opponent for the second week in a row and watching them go bonkers on the ground against what is probably a pretty good UNC defense. I think this is their spot.

14-18. South Florida, Michigan, Baylor,  and Virginia Tech are running neck and neck for the ugly schedule award. But you almost have to put them here just because they haven't lost.

25. I like this Missouri team. They've come really close in some tough road games. If they could finish, they'd be in the top five right now.