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Video Countdown To WVU-LSU: Can't Wait For The New Era

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In a little over a day, we'll be hip deep in what we've been building up to all week.  Just the thought of a night game at Mountaineer Field against the number two team in the country is enough to get me going.  The very same feeling as before the Sugar Bowl, Fiesta, and all the games we went into detail about yesterday.  What we're waiting on now is the feeling right when you knew no one was going to catch that runaway beer truck.  When Brian Brohm would be stopped well short of the goal line.  When Phil Brady was going to get that first down.  When Major Harris was going to break a lot of Penn St. ankles before the day was over.  When you realized Pat White and Steve Slaton were just freshman and the next three years were going to be awesome.  When Noel Devine was jumping around Maryland defenders as if gravity was not an issue.  The visible emotion running through Tito Gonzales after his touchdown grab in the Fiesta Bowl.  The post-Fiesta interview with Owen Schmitt.

It's those moments we cherish and the moments when Mountaineers become Mountaineer Legends.  Who will be that next legend?  The one you talk about when you think about the 2011 WVU-LSU game?  We'll find out soon enough.  For now, let's look back at the legends that willed the Mountaineers to victory and created a new era for West Virginia University. 

WVU vs LSU Countdown to Kickoff...Just Win (via jp5384)

We can't thank JP enough for all his hard work this week.  We can only tell all the single ladies at the game tomorrow that he will be wearing the Bruce Irvin video t-shirt.  Please direct your attention accordingly and LET'S GO!