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Video Countdown To WVU-LSU Looks Back At Past Glory

Gearing up for one of the biggest games in Mountaineer Field history, it's only fitting that we look back at some of the greats from the past.  For me, the '84 games against Penn St. and Boston College are at the top.  Being in the stands for both was just as Brian Jozwiak described it, "When the crowd erupted, it sounded like a jet engine."  There's nothing false about that statement.  Shaking off the 28 year curse of JoePa can have that effect.  Likewise when we finally got to Flutie.

The 2005 Louisville game isn't far behind, though.  If the two schools had a little more background to work with or a suspender clad Howard Schnellenberger on the sidelines, it might be number one.  I don't know that the electricity was ever higher for the crowd than the '03 Virginia Tech game, though.  The stadium moved in ways it wasn't supposed to that night.  There are big games that I didn't attend, though.  I'll let you be the judge of those games in the comments if you'd like.  For now, let's take a look back before we focus in on Saturday night and try to emulate the crowd for those big games as we get ready for this one.

Mountaineer Magic WVU vs LSU Kickoff Countdown 2 Days Left (via jp5384)

Join us again tomorrow for the final video countdown and more!